PlugScript Usersystem

PlugScript v1.6!

PlugScript is an upcoming PHP/MySQLi user system by, JordanTBH Technologies.

Simple Control Panel

Ajax Admin Control Panel with no need to login separately as Administrator!

Easy Integration & API

Quickly Integrate to any website using one line of JavaScript code. See how it's done »

Secure Registration

User registration with the all new TBHCaptcha with SMS/Image/Audio and easily add new custom fields in Admin control panel with auto-responders.

Privacy. Respected

Login required? Easily add one line of PHP to restrict access of any webpage to a certain rank/level only.

Regular Updates

Check for updates for add-ons, themes and software - It works just like WordPress Update. (current version 1.6.74)

Windows / Mac Manger

PlugScript Desktop Manger© with pop-up alerts and Mac OS X Notification Center support.